How to Make Impossible Deals Profitable Aug 19th Meeting

Date: August 19, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm  to  8:30 pm

How to Make Impossible Deals Profitable

 Bill Cook is our speaker for our August Meeting!

We’re continually told that to reach our full potential as real estate investors, we must work outside the box.  At the beginning of Bill’s discussion, he’ll explain why this often-given advice is wrong.  It’s not about working outside some box that counts.  To reach our full potential, we must realize there is no box!


To be a successful real estate investor, consider this: The job of a real estate investor is not to buy, sell or rent houses.  Our job is to solve people’s real estate problems.


Do you want to achieve financial freedom?  Then don’t go out looking for “deals.”  Instead, look for people to help and problems to solve.  In other words, discover peoples’ uncomfortable circumstances.  This one shift in your thinking can completely alter your life’s financial outcome.