About Networking

Our REIA is about networking and education

The Central Wisconsin REIA was started October of 2013 to create opportunities for anyone and everyone interested in real estate investing.  Our group focuses on networking and education.  We are group of local investors who strive to help each other be more successful.  We offer up both our successes and our failures so that we can better learn from each other.  We learn more and succeed faster as a group rather than as individuals.

There is plenty of opportunity for everyone…  Especially today.  Our group will help you to succeed in any way we can.  We are truly excited to join you wherever you are on your journey, whether that be brand new, or well seasoned.  If you want to invest in real estate but don’t have the time, we have unique opportunities where you can invest completely hands-off too (make sure you ask us how that works – it’s pretty cool!!).

Please join us at our next meeting!

Thanks for checking us out!

Derek Dombeck

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